Shella Baker-Trego, Founder/Investigator


I am a nurse and paramedic by day and spirit investigator by night. As early as I can remember I heard the ghost stories my parents told of haunted houses they lived in and Paranormal they had experienced through their lifetime . I had many experiences through the years and never had any doubt that spirits were in our lives somehow. As I got older I wondered were are they? are they around all the time? only during times of distress? when they have unfinished business? or are they confused about their death and unaware of what happened? how do I find out ? I have searched for these answers for more than 35 years in various ways. Ouija Board, Séance’s, and divination thru various methods. In the last few years I became more determined to prove the paranormal to be a normal occurrence and during that mission I have found many others along the way that share the same passion. I started Kindred Souls Paranormal Services to get the word out, to help others during their time of distress, and to scientifically document evidence. 


Jason Trego, Investigator

I work in the electrical world by day and have a real understanding of energy transference but I went most of my life not really thinking much about the paranormal, but I am a true believer after having many personal experiences and now scientific evidence to back up my experiences 


James Campbell, Investigator/Audio Visual Tech

I’ve always been intrigued with anything electrical. I began car/home audio installation in my early teens which eventually led to live audio, sound engineering, and recording for local musicians. My interest in the paranormal dates back to my childhood when I started experiencing reoccurring dreams of locations and houses that I eventually saw in real life.  This is my main influence in seeking knowledge from the afterworld. There is paranormal we have not yet Figured it out completely but we are getting there one piece of scientific evidence at a time 



Tony Hall, Lead Investigator

I had my first experience with the paranormal 10 years ago after moving into an apartment. I felt something rubbing my leg and could see the impression on my pants while feeling the touch. I later saw a Union Soldier in that building that is now a historical site calle the Nesbit House. Since then I have set out to find  all I can about the paranormal. Some of my very first commications with the spirit box where I connected with the Wright Brothers and Ryan Gowdy the founding father of Xenia only strengthened my goal to prove there is intelligent life after death. And “yes there are Angles and Demons”


Kitty whitacre, Investigator, Still Photographer

I’ve always been interesred in the paranormal and a firm believer that spirit exit among us. After the last experience being so personal and emotional my need has only gotten stronger. The need to connect, communicate, learn, and educate.  My question is “why are you here, and how can I help you ” ?


Michael Mckeever, Investigator

As a young man fresh out of boot camp I had a loving experience with the passing of my grandfather that was a dad to me. Since that day I became a firm believer that spirit is here among us. I have been curious from that day forward.